Botanical brewing is a time-honoured technique of making superior quality beverages using a combination of infusion, skilful blending and fermentation of the finest ingredients. Thomas Fentimans time honoured approach hasn't changed much in over 100 years, with the knowledge and expertise being passed on from generation to generation of the Fentimans family. The result is an authentic drink that tastes simply delicious.

Stage 1

stage 1

The original Fentimans recipe took the finest ginger root which was bruised, crushed and milled.

stage 2

The ginger was then placed in copper steam jacketed pans containing spring water and gradually heated to simmering point. This induced the release and extraction of fine ginger sediment and a flavoursome botanical extract.

Stage 2
Stage 3

stage 3

The Botanical liquid was then filtered into a wooden vat. The finest herbs, flavouring, sugar and brewer's yeast were added to the botanical extract and the liquid was thoroughly stirred.

stage 4

The liquid was left overnight. The next day a crust of live yeast would appear on the surface before being removed. The live liquid was then left to ferment in the wooden vat.

Stage 4
Stage 1

stage 5

The live ginger beer was then decanted from the wooden vat into the iconic stone jars, known affectionately as "Grey Hens", where it came up to condition and was ready to drink within a week. It is this process that produces the depth of flavour, mouthfeel and rich texture which are the hallmark of Fentimans drinks today.

stage 6

Thomas Fentiman was onto something good. His time-honoured approach of botanical brewing, which is at the heart of what makes our drinks taste so good, is what we at Fentimans have been doing since 1905. And that isn't about to change any time soon.

Stage 6

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Botanically Brewed Beverages
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